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a writing journal
25th-Jul-2010 01:40 am - No one sees you like I do
Radiant, Bright
Fandom: Twisted Fantasy
Character: Solae
Rating: G, General/Drama
Prompt: LXXII. same old story, not much to say (fushizengirl)
Word Count: 609
Disclaimer: TF belongs to psychedelic_aya. The line Terra says in the end comes from Persian poet, Hafiz.
Notes: An entry for the TF 10 Differences challenge. waifu picked the character for me, noticing that Solae needs more in-depth pieces so here I am~
Summary: An attempt to write about Solae.

Look what happens with a love like that,Collapse )

It's weird, I know. Maybe someday, I'll fix this?
8th-Jun-2010 10:27 pm - Here you are, daylight star
this is kyoy's writing journal
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