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a writing journal
Here you are, daylight star 
8th-Jun-2010 10:27 pm
this is kyoy's writing journal
★ indicates what I like
♥ are stuff I'm not completely proud of but I like anyway

Card Captor Sakura (3)

Long Distance; It's been a long-distance relationship since he left.

Seven Days And A Week; To say that Syaoran owed her a lot would be an understatement.

Reaching Out; Though inevitable, change did not happen in an instant.

DNAngel (1)

Man's Best Friend; Satoshi gives Daisuke a chihuahua and regrets it soon after.

Naruto (1)

Swoon; Sakura's feeling insecure, all she wants is a reason.

Ouran Koukou Host Club (1)

For That Reason; Haruhi passed the bar exam and Tamaki found another excuse to spazz.

Spiral -Suiri no Kizuna- (1)

The Cold-Tiled Floor; I should've stopped halfway, should've told Narumi-san the truth back then, when it wasn't too late.

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- (2)

A Chance to Remember; It's never too late to remember something important.

Dahilan; Sakura frowned for many reasons. She realized most of them concerned Syaoran.

Twisted Fantasy (28)

Words; Conversations were all the moments they ever had. But words can be powerful even when you don't want them to.

Surprise, Surprise; When surprises occur, things tend to get very interesting.

Aftermath; Astral could not fathom the way Hikari moved him.

A Tiny Sunshine; Even the best of friends quarrel.

Guess How Much I Love You; Hydra liked Sora a lot. She liked him so much one comment from him bothered her a year before she finally reacted. She'd do anything to get on his best side.

Temporary Solace; Good things don't last forever.

Trip; For a moment, time stopped for everyone in the Seishin household.

As The Saying Goes; The Sieda siblings bond and Jarisy learns that there are things even Sora doesn't know.

Kiss and Tell; When you kiss, they say tell.

Forget Me Not; Astral angsts about losing and finding Luna.

No Need For Charity; Psi leaves Aera at an orphanage to piss her off while he plays. But when he comes back, he gets more than what he bargained for.

Two's Company; He doesn't know what he wants. To her dismay, she does.

Something To Think About; This is madness.

Waiting For The Day; Waiting can be fun, if you had the essentials.

Paternal Instincts; Pyro can tell things others can't.

Damsel In Distress; Luna sighed at the existence of the man.

Let The Truth Sting; It's a domino effect.

Faith; Ferch wonders about their Boss' religious beliefs.

Boredom Kills; Jyno's lonely. And bored. But mostly lonely.

The Depths Of Remorse; Orel does the unthinkable while Jinia is hot on their tail.

One And Only; Astral only sees one person.

Reminisce; Boss reminisces on the past that won't come back.

Midnight Snack; Even Astral loses shame at times.

Taboo; Forbidden love doesn't have a place anywhere.

Untitled; Love is all you need.

Control; There are times that you had to take control of things because well, it’s easier that way.

The Bottom Line; For a love that wouldn't bloom, for the hearts that never played in tune.

Confessions; Behind their silence, words and actions lies the things they'll probably never say.

Strange; An attempt to write about Solae.

Wild ARMs (2)

Family Ties; Since when did Jet learn to give jokes properly?

Her Name Was Margarita; Contrary to what people almost definitely assumed, Jet wasn’t alone before he got involved in a party.

17th-Jun-2010 01:24 am (UTC)
(i can erase this later)


Damn it now I want to look for a new one for the melon. nuuuuuu /needs internetz nao)
17th-Jun-2010 01:12 pm (UTC)
(nuuuu, don't! it makes me beam with gleeful pride lol)

TYSM! Your comment is the one of the things that made my day woooo~! /o/

You know who to pester if you need help~ ;D
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