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love is a miracle

someday when our stories are told, they'll tell of a love like this.
when our descendants are all growing old, a thousand years they'll be singing...

Here you are, daylight star, made out of miracles. Perfection on your own, you alone, oh so incredible. Eyes of pure deep azure, quite unbelievable. The sun’s daughter you’ve been made not to fade, quite inconceivable.

And like a dream we saw the world together. Goodbye to differences, hello to each other. All the troubles we would have gone through. Someday we'll make our dreams come true. As rivers reach the sea, you’ll reach me with songs of your symmetry. A love like ours, a starry flower, through seasons and centuries.

You’re going too fast, but it’s all right. We can build on that. I'll show you, I'll make it there faster than anyone, right up to you. I’ll keep running—towards what’s resounding in my hands. No matter what, I want to be loved. No matter what, I want your heart.

Having decided everything as someone who knows nothing of fate, I want to love you now and forever. Being able to admit I love what I truly love, that’s all it takes to make me feel very happy. Because it’s no lie, I love you more than anyone else. If love is the only thing connecting us, call to me.

Though I love you and love you, I can't love you enough. Tell me where to go when love is not enough. I want to turn back broken time. In case my voice still reaches someone, I want to vow to him that I haven’t forgotten what love is. Nothing is braver than honesty.

This is the song of a kingfisher girl who dives in the waters of love’s diamond depths. She spent her whole life chasing stardust. Too bad she gave it all away when the magic's gone astray. And now she wakes to another grey day in the big blue world. Hark, hear the howl that eats the moon alive. Life is a canvas and the paint is hope and promise.

layout by soulpoem
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lyrics by Maaya Sakamoto and Vanessa Carlton